Covid-19 has had a huge impact for babies and their parents. Being a new parent can be isolating at the best of times but being in the middle of a global pandemic and having hospital visits restricted during pregnancy etc. Im sure its been a stressful time all round. In addition to this many baby groupos have been cancelled making those early weeks even more isolating.

The good news is that baby massage lends itself perfectly to online classes, proving a warm loving class with other mums in the safetly of your own home with the support of a qualified friendly instructor. Whilst it can never tbe the same socially as a face to face class, during these unprecidented times it can provide some much needed company and normality for you and baby whilst also providing all the benfits baby massage can bring to you and your baby.

The content of the class remians completley the same and many parents have fed back that infact they have enjoyed the online course far more than they thought they would and its made life easier in those first few weeks not having to actually leave the house but still being able to attand the course. These online classes may well continue into the future when face to face classes begin to reopen as they have proved so popular with many Mums resigning for a second course.

The next courses are as follows

  • 5 weeks beginning Wednesday 14th jan 21 @11am
  • 5 weeks beginning Thursday 18th Feb 21 @11am

Both are hald price compared to face to face classes at just £25 for the full course. Oil can be sourced from home or delivered/collected from your instructor depending on your location.

Links to the class are sent out on recipt of payment

TO BOOK simply email via this page or send a FACEBOOK enquiry