About Baby Massage

Touch is a newborn's first language. Baby Massage allows you to express emotional affection towards your baby and fulfils your baby's need for physical contact.

During the course you will be taught various massage techniques covering the whole body which can help reduce common problems in early development and can enhance the general well being of carer and baby.

 During a session all your baby's bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous system and immunity is boosted. Massage can also have a positive effect on your baby's sleeping patterns.

 Other benefits of baby massage include

*Clear congestion which is common in babies born via C sections

* Helps to relieve wind and constipation

*Relief from colic symptoms

*Help with teething

*Helps to settle fractious babies or parents

*Improve skin tone and circulation 

*Helps maintain balance and posture

*Improves muscular co-ordination and suppleness

*Strengthens the back

*Maximisies breathing potential

*Increases energy flow

*Stimulates baby both physically and intellectually

*Increases self awareness

* Helps to aid digestion and respiration

 Baby massage is becoming recognised by professionals as  beneficial to the well being of carers and babies aged from 6 weeks to when they begin to crawl. Aswell as the physical benefits, it is a great chance to meet other parents and spend time with your baby in a relaxed and positive atmosphere!

 Each course can accomodate up to ten carers and babies. To book a space or for more information please email gwenethgauld@purereflections-babymassage.co.uk or send a message using the contacts page. 

About Me

In January 2014 I started my business, Pure Reflections Massage Therapy, offering Swedish massage, Indian head massage and facials. I then trained in baby massage and have since decided to focus on this as it allows me to fulfil my love of working closely with babies, whilst helping them and their parents. 
Prior to setting up Pure reflections, I worked as a deputy manager in a local nursery for over ten years.  I am a qualified level three nursery nurse, fully CRB checked and first aid trained. Im also became an OFSTED registered nanny in 2017.

I have a nine year old son and a five year old daughter of my own. I did a baby massage course with my son as a baby and loved it. I found that I could use the techniques I was taught and it helped to relieve my sons colic symptoms and mde a somewhat challenging time more bearable.
I chose to train in baby massage because I wanted to offer the service in my area and give other parents the opportunity to benefit in the same way I did from learning these skills.

Since training in baby massage I have had another child and found that again the techniques have hugely helped both my baby and myself. This time around both the wind and contipation routines along with the chest and facial routines to alleiviate congestion have been majorly beneficial. Baby massage also allows you a time where you can focus on something positive with your baby, away from tensions and therefore help to relax mum too. Again this is something I have learned first hand, having a baby can be a very stressful time and allowing us both that special time together has really helped us.  Having had my own children who have struggled, like many newborns, with common problems accisoated with young babies I have a greater empathy with other new mums and teach from first hand experiance offering a personal insight and bringing that something extra to my classes. I have a vast experience working with babies and this helps make my classes more knowledgable and informative.

I decided to extend my teaching and widen my classes to include baby yoga in 2018. Im very excited to be able to launch these classes alongside baby massage and offer a follow on course for mums and babies.

I hope you've enjoyed the website and hopefully look forward to welcoming some of you to classes soon

Much Love

I look forward to helping many new parents and babies and hope to hear from you soon

Gweneth Gauld