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19. Oct, 2020

Lucy T

We have just finished a course with Gweneth and my little one loved it. it has really helped with his sleeping patterns and he now sleeps longer and deeper. Very professional and approachable

2. Aug, 2018

sam J

I loved learning the massage techniques and was impressed with your knowledge on subjects such as colic and constipation. I found this particuly useful. Such a lovely, relaxed and informative class. worth every penny and very reasonable too

2. Aug, 2018

Grace W

The small classes made it feel much more intimate than other classes we have been to and therefore more enjoyable. The atmosphere was really relaxed and calm which added to the course. I would highly recommend to others.

2. Aug, 2018

Nikki F

Gweneth is a lovely, laid back and professional teacher. I really enjoyed the course and found the information on tummy time and the back massage really interesting and useful. Id defiantly recommend this class to others.

27. Jan, 2018

Julie sandly

Wow. What can I say. This is one of the best classes I have been too. I have learned so much, Gwneeth really knows her stuff and provides such a warm teaching environment. I was nervous to attend as my baby is extremely fussy and I was worried that she
would disrupt the classes but Gweneth was so supportive and its really helped me get about and about. I made some new friends which is lovely and most importantly I feel Ive learned ways to cope with her colic and make her more comfortable. Its not easy having
a baby with colic and Gweneth has given me light and support during this time and helped us though. I'm forever grateful.

5 star course highly recommend!

27. Jan, 2018

Nicole Smith

I really enjoyed learning the art of baby massage and more importantly my baby did too! We often practice at home and its greeted with lovely warm smiles. Thankyou for the friendly and informative sessions. We have learned so much information which I will

27. Jan, 2018

Victoria Rosslee

Thankyou for introducing me and Beatrix to massage. When we started she was constipated and often miserable ( windy/colicky) but this has vastly improved since attending your classes. We loved your course and enjoyed practicing at home together and I love
the bond we have created through massage. Thankyou x

23. Oct, 2017


My little one and I loved baby massage a really lovely way to spend time together uninterrupted and strengthen our bond. Thankyou Gweneth- lots of really interesting information on the benefits of massage too.

Website 27. May, 2017


love your site.

27. May, 2017


your site is so useful.

12. Apr, 2017


Very informative! Learnt some tricks and tips to deal with teething and constipation. Every mother should attend!

Website 31. Mar, 2017

Charlotte H

Thankyou so much for the course, we loved it. Not only did I find the class enjoyable as I was able to spend some quality time with my baby but I also found it informative and learnt techniques to help with wind and constipation.

The venue was fab and my only criticism was that I would have loved for the course to go have gone on longer as we enjoyed it so much. We were sad when our last session came. Thankyou x

Website 27. Feb, 2017

Adrian Mullenix

Thanks for all informative and I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to get some ideas here, nice site.

10. Apr, 2016

Katie Hope

On the recommendation of a friend I took my son to Gweneth's massage course when he had awful wind and constipation (he hadn't pooed for 8 days when we went!). I was sceptical that baby massage would work but within six hours of attending the first class
it was like an explosion in his nappy (sorry to be so graphic). Any time he gets a bit bunged up now I do the tummy exercises I learnt at class and it works every time. I wish I'd known about baby massage with my older two!! Gweneth was really helpful and
explained every step as we went along. I can't recommend Gweneth or her baby massage classes enough.

9. Feb, 2016


Gweneth baby massage course really helped when my son was constipated. She taught us how to ease the pain caused by constipation and to help my son poo. I know this is a very common problem for babies and can't recommend her enough

9. Feb, 2016

Lauren Kelly

Gweneth's calm manner and breadth of knowledge around baby massage made the class a fantastic experience for both me and my son. I was rewarded with long naps after each class and the techniques I learned made our bedtime routine a much calmer experience.
I would definitely recommend a course with Gweneth to anyone with a baby.

4. Feb, 2016


An excellent course from a teacher who really knows her stuff. It was so nice to be taught baby massage by a practitioner who has her own children, her daughter is the same as as mine, and can offer practical advise as to what really works when it comes
to different massage techniques on baby. I personally enjoyed the chance to spend some quality time with my baby in a calm and pfriendly environment whilst learning something new.

3. Feb, 2016

lynsey wedesch

I found the course really helpful and my son loved it. Gweneth knows what she is talking about it and the course was fun for me and my son.

3. Feb, 2016


Thanks Gweneth for a great course. We really enjoyed it and use it everyday as part of a wake up and wind down routine. My daughter has eczema so it's a great way to get her cream on everyday in a way she enjoys. The course was broken down really well
so it made it easy to remember (essential for a new mum!). A nice relaxed atmosphere with like-minded mums made it enjoyable - thanks again!

9. Feb, 2015

Michelle Marshall

Thoroughly enjoyed your baby massage course and so did my daughter, loved learning new ways to massage and singing songs while massaging is great and really holds tillys attention, thank you Gweneth your a fab teacher xx

6. Oct, 2014

Becky Nickols

I really enjoyed the massage classes. As I already have a two year old son I loved being able to spend an hour away from everything with my daughter. Gweneth is a brilliant teacher who made the class fun and informative. I would definitely recommend this
course to others!

6. Oct, 2014

Rebecca Flint

A great course, thank you! Great techniques for specific needs as well as overall calming and bonding

6. Oct, 2014

Pavlina Laurie

I enjoyed the course and found it helped me connect with my baby. It was also nice to meet new mums too. I found the size of the class good and enjoyed learning the techniques. Overall excellent x

6. Oct, 2014

Sarah B

I enjoyed the course and meeting other new mums and found the tummy massage technique useful for my little girl who suffers with colic.

3. Oct, 2014


The baby massage classes are great, I love the relaxed atmosphere. Gweneth is spot on, she is professional and she bonds very well with the parents and the babies. The handouts she gives us are very helpful and well written. The set up is great with clean
mats and oil, not forgetting the soothing music. My daughter enjoys it and we have a special massage time in the evenings. I would highly recommend it!

29. Sep, 2014

Caroline Boutin

I really enjoyed the course and found that it really interesting. Gweneth really put me at ease as my baby is quite fractious and I was worried about disrupting others. She made me feel relaxed and using the techniques I learnt in class really helped us
at home. My baby is much calmer after baby massage and his sleep has improved dramatically. This has helped with life in general for us and I'm so thankful I found this course! Would highly recommend to others.

29. Sep, 2014

Lauren Ashton

We love our baby massage classes, it gives me and Charlie lovely bonding time, and it calms her fidgeting down too! We now do massages as part of bedtime just after her bath, Gweneth teaches the massages in a really easy to remember way and incorporates
fun songs too so it's fun for baby :) we love them! Thank you Gweneth! :)

29. Sep, 2014

Sonya Towkatch

This was a wonderful course which I thoroughly enjoyed and found it not just enjoyable but informative too. I found the massage not only relaxed my baby but helped relax me too and provided a calm and relaxed atmosphere which helped me bond with him further.
I met new friends and felt that the friendliness of the instructor helped people feel comfortable enough to form friendships. The space was well set up and instructions were easy to follow. I'm so glad I came across this course!!

29. Sep, 2014

Nicola Tinsley

Really relaxing and lovely way to spend quality bonding time with your baby. The technique is taught in a memorable and easy style with lots of really useful information about how massage can benefit your baby. Would definitely recommend!

17. Aug, 2014


Thank you so much for teaching us. My husband James really enjoyed his Daddy course and it's nice to share our knowledge. We both use the techniques and have seen an improvement in her. Thank you x

25. Jul, 2014

Anita Edwards

Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative baby massage course - it was a lovely way to spend time bonding with Eve, and I find she is always noticeably more relaxed (and sleepy!) after a massage. x

22. Jul, 2014

Laura Turner

I really enjoyed learning baby massage with you. I often use the techniques and I find it soothes and relaxes us both. Thanks for the classes, they really were lovely x

17. Jun, 2014

James Mansell

I found the course really interesting and enjoyed spending some quality 'dad' time with Willow. We have been using the massage techniques we learnt and have noticed a real improvement in willows sleeping patterns. She settles much better and sleeps for
longer after a massage. Would highly recommend the course, esp for dads. Thanks Gweneth!